Horse Program

"To say that Travis can ride anything, is an understatement"

Travis has built his career and reputation on his ability to bring out the very best in every animal he sits on. His hands have an energy that horses love and everything he touches turns to gold.


From long lining to the show ring, Travis has a tremendous feel for young horses. The right start for the rest of their future.

Champ, winner of the 4 year old $4000 Crooks Show Jumping Young Horse Showcase 2023. Piloted exclusively by Travis.


Having a training challenge, plateau, or road block? Travis can help you and your horse push through to the next level.

Numero VII, campaigning in 2023 to the highest level of his career after spending 5 years as a breeding only stallion.

finishing & riding kamloops


Travis has spent a lifetime catch riding horses. He is often holding the reins of a horse he met moments ago. His experience in the show ring and riding for sales barns in the USA and Europe brings finesse and quality to a ride that brings out the very best.

Pictured is Travis catch riding to a 3rd place finish in the August 2023 Tbird $25,000 International Hunter Derby.

showcasing sales horse


Showcasing your horse to the best of its ability!
Quality riding, top results and HD videos can be the difference in bringing top dollar for your horse, or not.

Pictured is Gemma Balou, a nine year old mare with prior only 0.90m show experience. After two shows with Travis, she is now winning 1.20m jr/am classes with an amateur.