Team Sun Meadows



” The love of the horse is the foundation for all things …”
​- Travis & Lindsay

Travis and Lindsay have shared one passion their entire lives .. the love of the horse. When their programs came together it was instant success and the pair have never looked back.  Although their knowledge and expertise is vastly different, together they offer a combined method for horse and rider to achieve the best possible outcome with kind, fair and tried and true training.

​Travis has an absolute ability to read an animal and gain trust instantly. To say that “he can ride anything” is an understatement. Built on a foundation of solving problems and getting horses back on the right track quickly, Travis has learnt a great deal of horsemanship and the finesse of riding well.

Lindsay has had the fortunate experience of riding at the top levels of the sport with some incredible horses. The training and mentors that Lindsay has had over the years reflect in her competitive mentality and continued success in the show ring today.

From FEI results, to young horse championships, to amateur classics and the pony ring; this duo is proving to have success time and time again in the competitive arena.

“From young horses to young riders, our goals are to share what we have learnt over the years with the next generation.”





The love of horses is a journey and a process. Likely, you won’t even realize it at the time. Later, it will be the hard work and dedication that turns into more knowledge and life lessons that you didn’t intentionally sign up for. It will be unparalleled relationships with intelligent animals that will always tell you exactly what you’ve done right or wrong. It will also be a collection of life long friends, memories you wouldn’t trade for anything and a passion and commitment so deep that it defines who you are. 

Welcome to equestrian.